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A Quicksilver Real Estate Professional will make a difference to every client who buys or sells an investment property or home in this constantly changing world of real estate.

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Are you a real estate agent who is relocating to Tampa from another city?  We welcome you to activate your Florida real estate license with our 100% commission plan!

We are an attorney-owned company located in the heart of downtown Tampa.  Founded in 2007, we have grown strong through bad markets.  Our agents are resourceful top-producers in the Tampa Bay real estate market. 

Activating your Florida real estate license is easy, and so is transferring your real estate licensed from another broker.  Visit our Careers in Real Estate page for more details.

We make the real estate license transition quick and painless, whether you are moving from another state or country, or simply from another brokerage down the street.  Call us at (813) 288-0300 today to join our growing team of winners!

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Why Move Your License To Quicksilver?

  • 100% Commission (less $350/transaction fee)
  • Experienced Broker/Attorney support 24/7
  • Prestigious office space in downtown Tampa
  • Total flexibility - no mandatory floor time or meetings
  • Work from home or in our beautiful office
  • No monthly fees!  No hidden fees at all!
  • Team-building events
  • Free incorporation services - put "P.A." after your name today!

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There has never been a better time to activate your Florida real estate license.  A real estate career with Tampa's best 100% commission brokerage is a step away.  Are you ready to keep more of your hard-earned dollars?


Are You An Investor From Overseas?

  • Florida real estate values are once again on the rise. This is the time to buy!
  • Quicksilver Real Estate agents are experienced with working for foreign investors.
  • Our agents speak many different languages.  Our diversity is your asset.
  • We have the right connections for E-5 Visas and currency exchanges

Working for Buyers and Sellers in Tampa Bay

If you are a local buyer or foreign investor, or an owner of distressed property needing to sell, we invite you to give us a call and find out what we can do for you. We have agents ready right now to talk to you and get started today accomplishing your Tampa real estate purchase or sale. Why wait? Contact Quicksilver Real Estate Group right now!

Now Hiring Real Estate Agents!  Many of our real estate agents are investors themselves, buying properties for their own portfolios.  As long as the transactions are structured properly and the legal disclosures are made, this can often be a great way to not "leave money on the table" with your investment purchase.  If you would like more information about adding a Florida real estate license to your real estate investment arsenal, call or email us today or visit our Careers Page.

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We Are Tampa's 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage of Choice

No Monthly Fees!  No Franchise Fees! No Splits!

We Are Tampa's Real Estate Specialists - Over $100 million sold!

Are you trying to sell your home "by owner" with no luck?  There was a time when selling a home meant putting a sign in the yard and hosting an open house, waiting for potential buyers to find you. Today, home searches are conducted on the Internet, and more and more of the home buying process is being done online every day. If you are buying or selling a home, trust a company on the cutting edge of technology that takes a proactive approach to bringing together buyers and sellers and helping them realize their goals. Experience the Quicksilver difference!  Call us now for a professional consultation (813) 288-0300.

Our vision at Quicksilver Real Estate Group is to maintain a real estate practice with the Adaptability to adjust to current market conditions, the Speed to service the needs of our clients, and the Agility to accommodate the investor in any real estate scenario.

Quicksilver Real Estate Group is an attorney-owned real estate company that has been successfully growing in a tough market. We were founded in 2007, during the roughest Florida real estate crisis, and yet we thrived, and remain strong today.  How do we do it? When we list properties, we have superior marketing advantages that make sure our listings are seen by the greatest number of people. With an in-house attorney and abundant experience with short sales and distressed properties, we have the knowledge and tools to make any real estate transaction a reality.   Are you not sure how much equity you  have in your home?  Ask us about our "Shared Risk Listing" which has been specially developed to maximize your return on investment.

Why Choose Quicksilver Real Estate?

Are you "upside down" or under water" on your home mortgage? We are the original "Short Sale Experts!" Our advantages include:

  • Full-time Tampa real estate professionals to service your real estate sale or purchase!
  • Membership in Multiple Listing Service (MLS) across Florida to ensure maximum exposure!
  • An experienced short sale negotiating staff to follow up on your transaction relentlessly!
  • Premier marketing exposure for your unique property!
  • A proven history of selling houses in the toughest Florida real estate markets.
  • Strategic Alliances with Law Professionals to assist you at a most difficult time.
  • The right connections for 1031 exchanges and investment advice.  The experience of our qualified intermediaries can make a significant tax difference for you.


Since 2007, we have provided our agents with the top resources that help them to get listings and to be successful in their Tampa real estate careers.  We are an agent-centric business model in which our top producing real estate agents are able to keep more of their commission than under the traditional brokerage split. 

Cooperation is The Key to Success

Our agents are top-producers in the Tampa Bay area.  We take a collaborative approach to the success of our real estate agents.  Some companies encourage agents to fight over leads and listings.  At Quicksilver Real Estate Group, each agent is encouraged to work together to help the customer.  We work together with each other, as well as with all members of the Tampa Bay real estate community. 

Our agents are independent and competitive.  They want to get the highest price for your home if you are a seller.  On the other hand, if you are buying a home, you can trust a Quicksilver agent to use his negotiating prowess to get you the best price!