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Activate or Transfer Your Florida Real Estate License Right Now!
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Congratulations! You are making the smart decision to place your real estate license with Quicksilver Real Estate Group.   We look forward to helping you to bring your real estate career to a new level!

A Florida real estate agent must have his license activated with a Florida real estate broker in order to participate in real estate activities and earn any commission.  Fortunately, the activation process is quick and painless.  We will never charge you any activation fees.  We are a 100% commission brokerage.

It is a simple process for us to activate or transfer your Florida real estate license.  Just complete the below forms and send them via email to  Your license will be active or transferred within 24 business hours.   

There are no sign-up fees to activate or transfer your Florida real estate license.  Our Tampa real estate office is open for you 24/7, and there are no monthly fees to use the office.  Most of our agents choose to work from the comfort of their homes.

If you wish to join the Greater Tampa Board of Realtors right away, please let us know and we will assist you with this process.  If you are in transition and not ready to join the Board or pay MLS dues right away, don't worry.  You can still activate your Florida real estate license and earn real estate commissions and referral fees through our sister company for non-MLS agents.  At Quicksilver Real Estate Group, it's all about the agents!  We are always looking for ways to help our licensed real estate agents to be successful. 


Here are the forms:

  1. New agents: DPRE State Form #10. Simply fill in your information and sign where indicated; OR
  2. Transferring agents:  DBPR_RE_11_Change_of_Status_Associates.pdf.  Simply fill in your information and sign where indicated.
  3. Three-page Independent Contractor Agreement. Please initial the bottom of pages 1-3 and sign page #3 above “Associate;”
  4. Complete the W9 with your social security number and current mailing address, and sign;
  5. If you are new not joining our board, GTAR, immediately that is no problem;  To join now and get access to the MLS and Realtor-only forms and support, complete the GTAR application.
  6. If you are transferring from another GTAR-affiliated brokerage, complete the GTAR transfer form 99.
  7. The Commission Disbursement Form does not need to be completed and signed. This is for  you to keep, when you have closings and want to get paid right at closing.
  8. Please include with your documents your full contact information,




Documents #1-5 should be emailed back to or feel free to use Docusign or similar.  Upon receipt, we will activate or transfer your license with the State within 24 business hours.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are currently with a broker and have listings to transfer over, please let us know so that we can help you to make the proper arrangements with your current broker.  Don't worry; it's easy!  If the listings are in MFRMLS, you can use the attached Listing Transfer form.  Keep in mind that your old broker needs to agree to the transfer, and there is a small fee for each listing transfer.

We use a private "agents-only" Facebook page for official company communication, access to important company documents, and announcements.  Once you are active, we will add you to the Group.




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