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Florida is a real estate investor's dream.

Several factors have come together to make now a great time to consider investing in real estate. Although we have shifted once again to a seller's market, deals are still to be had if you shop smart.  Also, interest rates are low, meaning your investment today can start to grow more equity for you right away.


Quicksilver Real Estate Group can help you tap into the Tampa real estate market and find the real estate investments best suited to your short-term and long-terms investment goals.

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Choosing the right real estate investment can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement income, or financial difficulties.  It is important to work with trained real estate professionals if you wish to make money in the Tampa real estate market.

Why Buy in Florida - What You Need to Know

Florida's population continues to grow at a rate outpacing the national average. We all know that Florida is one of the country's most attractive destinations for retirees. Consider where the baby boomers are now - they are just now starting to retire, and they are by and large an affluent, home-buying demographic. Now consider Florida's immigration rate as well. The combination of retirement relocations and immigration will continue to provide demand for homes in the Tampa area for years to come, increasing the potential for investors.

How Quicksilver Helps Investors

Quicksilver Real Estate Group is the fast-growing real estate company in Tampa and a leader in distressed properties. We have an incredibly robust presence across the MLS, print advertising and online media, and our agents are among the busiest representing buyers and sellers with foreclosures and short sales as well as all types of non-distressed properties. Our real estate brokerage also maintains an abundance of resources to help the foreign investor, including preferred exchange rates and multi-lingual capabilities. Let us help you maximize your investment capital with:

  • Qualified intermediaries for 1031 exchanges

  • Investor liquidation of distressed property

  • Short-term investing opportunities

  • Buy and hold strategies

  • Property management


Make the Most of Your Investment. Contact Quicksilver Real Estate Group in Tampa Today

Let the Tampa real estate experts at Quicksilver Real Estate Group help you realize your goals for real estate investing. Contact our office to speak with one of our qualified agents and get started today finding the property that's right for you.

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