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You deserve 100% commission!

Are you ready for the big-time?  Are you sick of paying high splits to your broker?  At Quicksilver Real Estate Group, we are always interested in hiring the best and the brightest among Tampa Bay real estate agents, and bringing them on board to our happy and successful team of real estate agents. As Tampa Bay's fastest-growing real estate company, we understand the importance of supporting our agents with the resources they need to be successful.  In addition to 100% commission, we offer our agents flexibility and the autonomy to meet their goals.


Since 2007, our attorney owned and operated brokerage has grown numerous top producing Florida real estate agents.

Are you ready to graduate to a 100% commission brokerage?  If you are tired of giving a large portion of your income to a traditional split brokerage, it's time to move on with your a good way!  We provide the tools you need to take your career to the next level, while keeping more of your hard-earned commission.  No strings attached!  What are you waiting for?  Switch now!

Here's what we do NOT have: 

No Desk Fees!

No Monthly Fees!
No phone or copier fees!

No Franchise Fees!
No Mandatory meetings or Floor Time!

No quotas or pressure!

Part-time and telecommuting agents are most welcome!


Board Membership is not required immediately.  

Does Your Broker Offer the Following?  Quicksilver Real Estate Group Does!


Attorney owned and managed real estate brokerage




·We are attorney owned and operated.  Our strategic partner law firm offers discounted legal services for your needs and for your clients.

In addition, We Offer All Agents:

·100% Commission – No Splits or hidden fees!

·Our New $350/transaction No Strings/No Surprises Plan™

·We cover your E& O insurance!

·Get paid at closing with Direct Disbursement on your deals.  No Waiting!

·24/7 Broker Support from a serious real estate pro with thousands of closings under her belt

- International business development and networking opportunities!

- Impressive downtown office with large conference room!

- No mandatory meetings or floor time!

 Marketing and business development coaching available through our strategic partners!
- Work directly with our cash investor hedge funds.
- You are in control of your listings.  You can take them with you if you leave.
- Our unique “Agent Legal Advantage Program™ (see above)

- Unique new type of listing process that guarantees listing appointments!
- No commission splits!  Get paid more for your closings! Right at closing!
- Huge Referral Network!
- Our Proprietary “Distressed Property Guide” Will Help Get You Listings!

We have a fun and friendly corporate culture.  Our agents don't want to leave!


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FAQs About Quicksilver Real Estate Careers in Tampa Bay

Q:  What does it cost to join Quicksilver Real Estate?
A:  There is no activation or other up-front fee, although you will need to pay the Board/MLS fees when you choose to join.

Q:  How soon can I start selling?
A:  Right away!  Upon completing the necessary forms, your license will be activated within 24 business hours.

Q:  Do I need to join the GTAR board immediately?
A:  No.

Q:  I'm a member of another Florida Realtor board.  Do I have to give up my membership and join GTAR?
A:  It depends.  Over the past 10 years, Quicksilver Real Estate Group has sold over $100 million in real estate throughout the State of Florida.  Although our niche is Tampa Bay real estate, we cover the entire State.

Q:  Do you offer any comprehensive training classes for newbies?
A:  No, but you can take classes for free when you join the Board.  Our staff and broker will be available to answer your questions and provide you with support.  If you need a brokerage that provides formal classes and heavy training, we may not be the right fit at this stage of your career.

Q:  Do you offer leads?
A:  While we do offer some leads on a rotation basis, you are expected to either bring with you a book of business, or work hard to develop one.  There are no free rides, anywhere -- especially at a 100% commission company.  Farming, print and online media, and working your sphere of influence are all required steps for a new agent to "make his bones" in this industry.

Q:  What other fees do you charge?
A:  We are a straight-up company -- it's $350 per transaction with no monthly fees.  If you close no deals, you don't pay us anything.

Q:  What happens to my listings if I leave Quicksilver?
A:  You can take them with you with no strings attached.  There is a form that we sign.

Q: Can I bring my listings from my current broker?
A:  That will depend upon your company policy.  Some brokerages will allow you to freely leave with no problem.  Other brokers will want some sort of referral fee on the listings that they allow you to take, which is fair considering that you have used their resources in advertising them.  Remember, the listings are legally the property of the broker.

Q:  Can I bring my whole Team over?  What about my friends?
A:  As long as they are licensed real estate agents in Florida, we would happily consider them.

Q:  I'm also an investor.  Can I earn commissions if I'm buying for my own real estate portfolio?
A:  Yes, of course, as long as you make sure to follow the proper legal and ethical rules...especially disclosing your role to all parties involved in the transaction.  Many of our agents chose Quicksilver Real Estate for this goal, so as to not "leave money on the table."  Maximize your portfolio, and your profits!

Q:  I went to a really cool seminar and I want to start real estate investing in Tampa.  There's all of these land trust forms, and quit claim deeds.  I want to focus on getting people in foreclosure to basically give the house to me for no money so that I can rent it out.  Will you help me with this business model?

A:  No way!  We are owned by a reputable real estate attorney, and we do not allow our real estate agents to get involved in any transactions that are questionable -- legally or ethically.

Q:  Do I have to join the local Board and pay dues?

A:  While this is certainly a Frequently Asked Question, my lawyerly response is "it depends."  It is important to know that you can only access the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) if you are a dues-paying Realtor.  That means that in order to enjoy the full benefits of a real estate career, you will want to join the Board.  We are a member of GTAR which is the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors.  You are not required to join right away, and if you don't want to join at all, we have other options which will enable you to keep your license active.

Q: Do I have to give notice to my current broker if I want to switch my license to Quicksilver?
A: You may be required to give a certain amount of notice under the terms of your current broker's independent contractor agreement.  If not, it's still a professional courtesy for you to do so.  Remember, your existing deals belong to your broker, and you may need him  to release  them to you.

Q:  This sounds great, but I have a few other questions...
A:  Call Samantha Dammer, Broker/Owner directly at 813/288-0303.


“You Might Need To Switch Real Estate Companies If…”
  1. You are at the copier preparing a listing presentation, and you notice your broker’s resume sitting there with a career objective “to obtain a challenging position in the telecommunications industry.”

  2. Right after that, the copier gets repossessed.

  3. Your broker forces you to use a certain mortgage and/or title company, which is replaced each month because the preferred mortgage and/or title company goes out of business.

  4. You need an Act of Congress to take a deal that’s “outside of the box” such as a short sale, commercial lease or rental listing.

  5. The monthly desk fees and internet fees (which some might call “rent”) are more than your commission checks.

  6. The last time your broker paid for any print advertising for your listings was in 2005, or earlier!

  7. You’re one of the only full-time agents left in the office so you get most of the office leads…and you’re STILL not busy!

  8. Most of the “sales meetings” seem to center on the latest non-real estate MLM or network marketing scam.

  9. Your current company is “scaling back” on certain “luxury items” such as paper, phones, toilet paper and the office space.

  10. You’re on Craigslist looking for a new job. That means you might be missing something at your current real estate company, doesn’t it? What do you think that is?

Quicksilver Real Estate Group is expanding and thriving. We seek independent, positive-minded, full-time licensed real estate agents to join our fun and exciting Team! We offer support, coaching, and a high-energy professional atmosphere. We are the fastest growing Tampa real estate company. With a friendly and accessible attorney as your go-to broker, you will have all of the resources to truly thrive in this exciting real estate market.

There are no sign-up fees to activate or transfer your Florida real estate license.  Our Tampa real estate office is open for you 24/7, and there are no monthly fees to use the office. 

If you wish to join the Greater Tampa Board of Realtors right away, please let us know and we will assist you with this process.  If you are in transition and not ready to join the Board or pay MLS dues right away, don't worry.  You can still activate your Florida real estate license and earn real estate commissions and referral fees through our sister company for non-MLS agents. 


At Quicksilver Real Estate Group, it's all about the agents!  We are always looking for ways to help our licensed real estate agents to be successful. Our support system is second to none.


Have more questions?  Call us at 813/288-0300 or email our broker directly at
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