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How A Florida Real Estate Agent Can Start Working In A Brokerage Firm


The Florida real estate selling industry is a challenging field.  But it is also one of the best ways of making a living. After getting your license, you still have a lot of work to do before you can start selling or buying any houses for customers. The main thing you need to do is to look for a real estate brokerage firm in Florida when you can start working. The kind of brokerage firm that you choose will depend on your goals and requirements. While it can be hard to find the most fitting broker that meets your requirements, it is critical that you do so.

Ready to Activate Your Florida Real Estate License?


Importance of working under a brokerage firm


According to Florida state laws, licensed real estate agents need to first work with a brokerage firm before moving on to either a different company or setting up their own company. Buying a home is among the biggest purchases that people make in their lifetime and real estate agents must take it quite seriously. The broker that you work under shoulders this responsibility and allows you to gain important experience.  Not all real estate brokerages are the same.  It is important to  make sure that your brokerage has an experienced broker who understands Florida real estate law.


Choose experienced and ethical brokers


It is advisable to work with Florida brokers that are effective at selling houses. When you have a brokerage firm selling a large number of houses, they will likely be recognized by the surrounding community. Sellers and buyers of homes usually like ensuring that the company or agent they are dealing with is proficient at their job. Even if you are a beginner with no experience in selling houses, the company you work for can go a long way in helping buyers have confidence in your abilities. 
There may be an advantage to working with an attorney-owned real estate brokerage.  In Tampa, once choice you should consider is Quicksilver Real Estate Group.


Tips for finding the right brokerage firm


If you have trouble locating the best brokerage firm that is in line with your career goals, consider the following suggestions:


·         Ask family and friends, which real estate agents they work with, and why

·         Check social media for popular real estate agents

·         Run a simple online search and see the top companies in your area

·         Ask local lenders or title companies, which offices or agents they usually work with

·         Ask for recommendations from your training school

Remember, it's ok to talk with several brokers before making a decision.


Switching brokerage firms


Once you have become skilled at your job and gained the relevant real estate experience, you may want to switch brokerage firms. This will allow you to enhance your career and even gain more money. You just need to notify your brokerage at least one month in advance and then you can search for a different broker or even start your own company. All you need is hard work and honesty to be able to build up a good client base to support you even as you make the move.

Don't forget to work out a transition plan for your existing listings.  We can help with this. 

Learn more about a Florida real estate career at  Quicksilver Real Estate Group.

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